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MAC Asphalt Paving & Chipsealing

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Here at MAC asphalt , we approach every job differently when installing new asphalt. Whether it be a driveway, parking lot or new construction we’ll always give the best advice and Job.

When paving a driveway whether it be new asphalt installation or paving over old existing asphalt, there are many things to account for.

  • Is there a concern about drainage?
  • What type of traffic will be driven on it?
  • Should there be curb or berm for diverting water or traffic?

When paving a parking lot or commercial/industrial driveway, you need to know what we’re paving over.

  • Is the base good?
  • How thick does it need to go?
  • Should there be a heavy duty asphalt (binder 3/4) used?

When re-paving an existing driveway or parking lot:

  • What’s there to be paved over – is it sufficient ?
  • Does it need to be removed?
  • Will a rota-mill (grinding down existing asphalt to desired depth) work?

Installing new asphalt or re-paving an existing asphalt surface can be expensive, and if not all elements are taking into consideration, can be fruitless. Here at MAC asphalt, we have four generations of experience and are dedicated to our workmanship. When you call us for a estimate or consultation… you get us !  We are happy to share our knowledge and opinions on what you need.  We are capable of taking on any job that we desire to do, and are not turned off by a complication due to scope of work or size of job.  We have 3 + crews and you will never hear us say we are too busy!

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